My Manuscript & What’s Next

At 6:56 pm on the last Wednesday in March, I wrote the last words of my manuscript. In 14 months, I wrote 160,647 words in a slightly mostly chronological order that tells a story about a girl who goes to California. It was very satisfying. But also, I want to edit so badly… 


So I made a list of all the not-so-fun things to do next.

  1. Copyright my manuscript. ✔️
  2. Create an Instagram. ✔️
  3. Re-vamp my author website. ✔️

If you have to eat a frog, it’s better to eat it first thing in the morning, so I completed that boring list and then I made a much better list of things I am actually excited to do!

  1. Edit my manuscript.
  2. Print my edited manuscript.
  3. Edit my manuscript again.

And that, internet, is where I will be. Editing! 😍

With love,

M . A . Ryan

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