Gift: Summer 2019

“For the creative hearts, summer often comes with its own uniquely-seasonal challenges” that keep your inspiration in a place of boredom. It’s easier to write when you’re curled up in a blanket with a cup of cocoa listening to the rain against the window — but you don’t have time to wait for the sun to set before you find some inspiration.

Summer often begins with big dreams and hopes of accomplishments, but the reality is that it’s filled with procrastinating, avoiding, and frankly, boredom. All of which originate inside the heart.

This is why Bodie & Ryan Co. invites you to take a look at your heart this summer. Is the unbearable heat making your creativity feel lackluster? Or is it something else? Is the packed schedule forcing your writing to become an afterthought? Or do you need to dedicate time to yourself? Do you feel like everyone else is going for it, putting themselves out there, finishing their WIP… and you’re standing in your shoes at the edge of the pool not jumping in?

Don’t let yourself stare at a blank page all summer long. Get out of your comfort zone, put on that swimsuit, and get creative! This beautiful five-page booklet has tips, challenges, and writing prompts to guide you through summer boredom and into the creative truth your heart is craving!

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