Bodie & Ryan Co.’s ♥︎ For The Creative Hearts is a unique online community for creative-hearted women to step off the expected path they hate walking and onto their own path.

So let’s start with what to expect.

♥︎  Lots of resources to help you strengthen your heart!

♥︎  Lots of encouragement to keep you going!

♥︎  Lots of support to help you feel less afraid! 

You are chasing your dreams, darling!   You need all of that!

Now, raise your hand if you’re chasing those dreams alone.  You’re sitting behind a computer.  You’ve got your headphones on.  You’re still in your pajamas (don’t even, girl  —  me too!) 

That’s why I started this community. 

You will go so much farther when you don’t have to go at it completely alone.

Here you will be loved even when you’re messy. You’ll be supported when you get shaky or insecure. You’ll find encouragement and inspiration when you want to give up.

And you’re invited, love!