What Keeps Us From Writing

It doesn’t matter if you have been writing for twenty years or you are brand new to writing — there will always be things that keep you from actually sitting down and writing.

This workshop is perfect for the woman who:

  • Has an idea for a really good book, but hasn’t actually started writing it
  • Feels like nothing she writes is good enough to ever be read
  • Has started writing a book, but can’t get past the first few chapters
  • Feels overwhelmed at how much goes into actually writing a book
  • Spends most of her writing time procrastinating on other things
  • Feels a calling or a desire to write a book, but isn’t sure if she even has a story worth telling

Through understanding what is actually keeping us from writing (it’s not writer’s block!), we can use our knowledge to decipher between insecurity and truth and apply the correct remedy.

In this workshop, writer/author Maggie Ann Ryan will talk honestly with you about the emotions that keep us from writing. She will give you solid tried-and-true methods to winning the battle over our innate Writer’s Insecurity so you can stop feeling so discouraged and overwhelmed and get back to writing that amazing story of yours!

This interactive online writing workshop is designed in a way so you can attend on your own dedicated time while receiving the same benefits you would if you were experiencing it live — including the ability to ask questions and receive honest feedback from Maggie!

Access to this workshop will be released to your email on March 31 at 3 pm Pacific Time. If you register before March 31 at 3 pm Pacific Time, you will have free access to this workshop for one month!

“I know all too well that procrastination is the number one reason books don’t get written. Take the first step and mark your calendar for March 31 to set aside some dedicated time to be a part of this workshop. We’ll be going into why we procrastinate in the workshop, and you will leave feeling empowered over what’s holding you back and ready to write!” — Maggie Ann Ryan

You can register for this workshop by entering your email in the box. This workshop is free, but you only have access for 1 month from release date.