Writing Workshops

Hello Writer!

Whether you write every weekend or would never call yourself a writer (out loud), you are invited to join me at my next writing workshop! Why? Because all you need is that tug at your heart that pulls you towards writing a book.

Writing is overwhelming. Let’s just be honest. There are so many “how to’s” and “mistakes to avoid” and “you must do this” and “never do this” on the internet that it can confuse and intimidate the most seasoned of writers. But writing should never be intimidating! It’s just a way for your heart to speak out loud. This is why I believe that there are only 3 things you actually need to do to write a wonderful story: trust yourself, write honestly, and don’t be afraid of the power of a good re-write.

Online Workshops

I release interactive online writing workshops monthly so you can attend on your own time. You can join my next one here:

In-Person Workshops

I also lead in-person writing workshops for women who feel they have a story to tell and would like to be guided through building the foundation of their book so they can start writing and have a map to follow along the way.

There will be macaroons!

If you’d like to host a writing workshop for the ladies in your life (networking groups, lady’s nights, golf clubs, book clubs, church groups, good friends, etc.) then click here to learn more:

Write a Book!

If you are wanting to write a book but are overwhelmed by the idea of doing it alone, I offer an exclusive 6-month program that begins with a writing & meditation retreat in Lake Tahoe and guides you through the entire process of writing a book from start to finish within a safe and encouraging community of beautifully empowered women.

Learn more if this program is for you here:

With love, 

Maggie Ann Ryan