This month’s gift is a recording of the writing workshop hosted by Maggie Ann Ryan, “The Strength & Shadow’s of Your Protagonist; how to write a story that changes someone’s life.”

Dear Writer,

This month as I begin really diving into my next novel, I asked myself a simple question. What is it that makes a story change someone’s life?
As soon as I asked it, I realized this is not a surface level question. There are a lot of layers that go into writing a book, and they all play their part. But what is the layer that makes a book find a place in the reader’s heart and stay there throughout the rest of their lives?

Writing a book – no matter if you’re a seasoned writer or not – is overwhelming. Just google the internet. There are a million things to check off in your writing, and a million other things to avoid. This frustrates me because it just leads to self-doubt and avoidance (aka writer’s block). I’ve never believed that you can condense the process of writing a beautifully empowered book into a checklist. That is how you get books that are formulaic and forgettable. And if you are here on my website, you are not the kind of person who wants to write a book that is forgettable.

In this workshop, I dive into this question — What makes a story change someone’s life? — by telling you about a few books that have changed my own life. What did they have in common? The answer, by the way, isn’t their literary genius. But once you know the answer, I’ll explain to you how every story we write is a shadow of ourselves and how to simplify the plotting process by separating your WIP from formulaic plot points to emotions. Why? Because emotions have power. Emotions are what resonates. Emotions are not easily forgotten.

By the end of this workshop, you will find a deeper clarity in your story and have a better understanding of how to write a book that is unforgettable. NYT Best Seller anyone?

With love,

Maggie Ann Ryan

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