Dearest Writer,

This month (March!) is a busy month for me. I’m juggling a few different balls right now (my writing business, finding the *right* literary agent for my novel, self-publishing a book of poems, etc.) and I can’t afford to lose this momentum because of insecurity, self-doubt, or getting discouraged. These are my dreams — so for me, there’s too much at stake.

If you’re like me, when I feel discouraged or insecure, I hide. A bad review, not enough likes on an Instagram post, someone telling me I should write more and watch TV less, an advice video that labels me as a horrible writer because of my love of commas… and suddenly my Writer’s Insecurity is shining a neon “this isn’t very good” spotlight on every word choice I have ever made. I’m very calm and cool on the outside (I’m a Scorpio) but in the privacy of my own home (and witnessed only by my little dog Bodie) I get dramatic. I delete Instagram posts and toss pages of writing into the fire with tears streaming down my face in my very own Becoming Jane moment. And it takes days, weeks, months even, to get the courage to pick up my pen again and continue writing.

But I don’t have time for being dramatic and pretending like I’m the protagonist in my own novel. For me, I needed to find solid ways to decipher between Writer’s Insecurity and Reality, because insecurity does not equal truth.

If you want to write a book, if you want to get published, if you want to follow your dreams and make them into a tangible reality, you don’t have time to take days, weeks, months away from writing. I can’t either. Instead of allowing my insecurities to decide my life for me, I’ve started standing up for myself — to myself. It’s very empowering!

In this fun and thought-provoking video, I pour some wine and let you in on how to decipher between insecurity and reality so you don’t get discouraged by outside sources (especially writing advice videos) and can keep on writing towards making your dreams a reality!

Love to you!
Maggie Ann Ryan

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