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Bodie & Ryan Co. offers a bunch of different ways to help your creative soul write! Scroll through and find which one speaks to your heart. Click the photo for details. Schedule a complimentary 15-minute phone call to learn more!

Online Workshops

Break through the self-doubt that is keeping you from writing. Become empowered over the negative voices in your mind that whisper you aren’t enough. Make room for inspiration and your creative goals. Join in from the comfort of your own home — and write!!

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1:1 Personalized Writing Programs

Completely customizable for your writing needs. Don’t let your emotions, fears, and insecurities keep you from writing any longer. Learn how to trust the process. Show up honestly in your words. Celebrate your truth!

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Tea & Inspiration for Women’s Groups

Completely customizable for the needs of your group/club/organization. Learn, connect, empower, write, and celebrate together! Includes tea served in a whimsically mismatched tea set.

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Wine & Words Ladies’ Night

Change up your ladies’ night with a unique combination of wine tasting, writing, and celebration! Create, laugh, learn, empower, write, and celebrate together! Includes an interactive wine tasting.

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Write a Book

Stop saying “one day”. Be guided through the entire process of writing your book — from “I have an idea” to sending your polished manuscript to the editors/publishers. Learn to trust the process. Feel empowered over your story. Have dedicated writing time. Be supported and celebrated in the ups and downs of writing. Includes a writing retreat in Lake Tahoe to strengthen your writing skills, connect with the women in the group, and inspire your words!

Begins in May 2020 — save your seat now!

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