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I Am Myself

A powerful and truthful telling of a young woman fighting for her soul and the freedom she craves out of a life of people pleasing. Told in poetry form.

Young Adult | New Age Adult

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Pumpkin Spice Wishes

A small town “All Things Fall” RomCom where two independent women, two hot pumpkin farmers, and two complete strangers have to come together to save a dying town. Mainly because no one else will.

This one will have you choking back laughter!

Seasonal Romance | Small Town | Upmarket | Commercial | Romcom

Blurred Reality

The summer before her senior year, Riley loses everything that she ever knew — including her desire to live. Shipped off to her persnickety aunt’s house on the California Coast, Riley gets in with the cool surfer crowd and her realities begin to blur. This existential coming of age is riveting, heart flipping, heart wrenching, and unexpectedly exciting.

What everyone wants to know, including Riley herself, is what made Riley leave Minnesota?

Edgy Young Adult | New Adult | Coming of Age | Small Town to California Coast | Romance

Currently Writing

Cozy Mystery Series set in small town Montana starring a socialite human resources director fallen from grace, her Montana best gay friend, and her huge-personality little dog, Bodie, who is definitely a better detective than the hot/grizzly cowboy cop they work with to solve the town’s murders.

Unique Cozy “Royal” Romance set in small town Wyoming between a famous romance author who doesn’t believe in love and a handsome wanna-be-cowboy landlord with a posh European accent and a mysterious background.

Edgy Young Adult/New Age Romance set on the California Coast between two former soul mates from small town Oklahoma — a failed author and the heart throb rockstar — who run into each other unexpectedly and are thrown into the whirlwind of fame. This three book series is an epic romance in the making.

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