Book: I Am Myself

Told through a compilation of journal entries and poems, this beautiful hardcover book tells the empowering and brutally honest story of a young woman who decided one day to stop allowing everyone else define who she is.

Taken directly from the personal journals of writer/author, Maggie Ann Ryan, this story is a dramatic and emotionally powerful reflection of the vulnerable and beautiful journey our hearts go through to be able to go from feeling lost and unidentifiable to being able to unapologetically say to ourselves, the world, and the people closest to us in our lives, “I Am Myself.”

Scheduled to be released in print and e-book editions in the fall of 2019. Sign up for the pre-sale notification list by entering your email in the box so you can have “I Am Myself” on your TBR list before everybody else!

Beta Reader Reviews:

“I’m almost done reading it through and I feel like I am in the perfect place in life and emotion and whatever confluence of stuff to read this. Cause oh damn, I’m almost in tears at this Starbucks lol.” — Hayleigh T.

“This is going to be one of those books you read, you cry, you feel like it’s possible; and then you immediately go tell all your friends they have to read it!” — Ann T.