Bodie & Ryan Co.

Bodie & Ryan Co. is a boutique writing company founded by writer/author Maggie Ann Ryan that helps creative hearted women step bravely onto their own path in life so they can begin to chase their own dreams.

Once you’ve conquered one fear, you can conquer them all. This is for the creative souls with hearts that feel everything so deeply. The painters who have never shown their art to another soul. The writers whose words remain hidden in journals. The makers who know this could be so much more than a hobby. You have passion, creativity, and dreams in your heart; and inside the depths of your soul, you know you’re supposed to be doing so much more with them than you are. But then the fear comes up. Then the expectations that your family, friends, job, society, (this list goes on) tell you “don’t”. And you have a choice. Listen to them and remain where you are, or smile seductively and step onto your own path in life. This is for you if you’re ready to take that step. If you’re ready to call yourself an author, or a painter, or a photographer. If you’re ready to show your art. And this is for you if the idea of showing your art to the world both excites you and terrifies you.

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A podcast for the writers, the dreamers, and the creative hearts who want to stop living a dulled existence. Join Maggie Ann Ryan and guests as they talk honestly about the beautifully messy parts of living a creative life in a world that considers the gifts of our creativity to be an afterthought.

Debuting 2020. Currently taking guest speaker inquiries.

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A raw and vulnerable peak inside the heart of a writer. Taken directly from the private journals of writer/author Maggie Ann Ryan, this book tells the story of a young woman who felt lost and unidentified, until one day she decided to stop letting other people define her soul, her life, and her heart. In this journey, she explores the idea that if she takes off the layers of expectations and the years of people pleasing, she might just be able to find herself

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