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Coming of age fiction and poetry. Latest book: "I Am Myself; The Story Of A Woman Who Found Herself"

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Online Creative Workshops & Community. Speak up. Be heard. Take up space. Be seen. Be different. Be interesting. Be honest. You are beautiful, courageous, & amazing! See it. Believe it. BE IT.

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For the wildflowers, the wallflowers, the artists, the dreamers, the writers, the wanderers, and the ones who never quite fit in.

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Maggie Ann Ryan is an author (fiction & poetry) who is fascinated about creating a life in which she feels confident, beautiful, and like she belongs. She founded Bodie & Ryan Co. to help other Creative Hearts do the same.
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Get Inspired, Feel Aligned, and Be Empowered! Find your own power by using a single word! For creative hearts who are struggling to move forward so you can feel inspired, motivated, and capable again!