Maggie Ann Ryan is a YA Author who writes coming of age fiction and poetry about free-spirited young women who never quite fit in. She believes that Unshakable Confidence comes from truly knowing who you are, and then finding the Dash of Courage within yourself to rebel against who society/family/expectations tell you that you “should” be in order to be “successful”.

As a Creative Heart gone Creative Rebel, Maggie believes that creative women especially fall into the trap of hiding who they truly are in order to fit in to “normal” life. But when you are not aligned with who you are in life, relationships, and career, you become unhappy, trapped, and start to believe that you actually are not “enough”.

And that simply isn’t true!

As a free spirit herself, Maggie understands the internal struggle of wanting to go for your creative dreams and shine as your beautiful, unique, amazing, creative self — but holding yourself back (for so many different reasons!). She knows first hand how hard it is to step out of the boxes that we are put into in order to “fit in” and “succeed” in a society that considers our creativity to only ever be a hobby.

And she knows how hard it is when the people in our own lives don’t understand. So many Creatives, Makers, Wild Hearts, Free Spirits, and amazing women end up shrinking or conforming or hiding who we truly are in order to fit in to the “expected” or “perfect” version that makes others happy and ourselves unhappy.

If this resonates with you, it’s time to step onto your own creative path and shine fearlessly!!

Through her writing, YouTube Channel, Podcast, Online Courses, the Creative Rebel’s Book Club, and Live Events, Maggie encourages creative women to conquer the insecurities and fears that are keeping them from the life they are meant to live — creative, unafraid, free-spirited, and filled with joy!

As the owner and founder of Bodie & Ryan Co., Maggie has made sure there are plenty of resources to help you wherever you are on your path in the online shop.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about booking a live event for the creative/free-spirited women in your life, you can reach Maggie directly here!