Bodie & Ryan Co.

Bodie & Ryan Co. is a boutique writing company founded by writer/author Maggie Ann Ryan.

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Writing is a beautifully creative reflection of our soul. Words can ground us in the toughest of storms. They can empower us in celebration of who we authentically are. And they can turn our dreams into tangible realities.

But let’s be honest. Writing is not all poetry and quoting classic literature. Writing is intrinsically tied to our emotions and our humanity and our self-worth. Our words can often become a hidden pain that hides somewhere behind our hearts, or they can become the beautifully empowered truth that sets our hearts free! Bodie & Ryan Co. believes that you don’t have to feel guilty for “taking” time to write. You don’t have to look at your words and feel like nothing you write is ever good enough. And you don’t have to keep saying, Maybe one day… I’ll write that book. Maybe one day… I’ll start writing again. Maybe one day… I’ll feel fulfilled, happy, at peace in my life.

Whether you want to live a more creatively fulfilled life, or you want to put pen to paper again after years of discouragement, or you want to find purpose, clarity, or spiritual grounding in your life, Bodie & Ryan Co. is here for you! Bodie & Ryan Co. offers online writing workshops to guide you to write on your own, and 1:1 personalized writing programs so you can work personally with writer/author Maggie Ann Ryan to discover your purpose, feel more grounded, and have a more fulfilled life.

If you are called to write a book, but the idea of turning your story into an actual book puts fear and overwhelm in your heart, Bodie & Ryan Co. would like to invite you to step towards that dream and write your book within a supportive, encouraging, and knowledgable experience that celebrates you and your words for exactly who you are!

✨ Bodie & Ryan co. is now offering customizable workshops for the women in your life! Write, connect, share, learn, and celebrate together!

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A podcast for the writers, the dreamers, and the creative hearts who want to stop living a dulled existence. Join Maggie Ann Ryan and guests as they talk honestly about the beautifully messy parts of living a creative life in a world that considers the gifts of our creativity to be an afterthought.

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A raw and vulnerable peak inside the mind of a writer. Taken directly from the private journals of writer/author Maggie Ann Ryan, this book tells the story of a young woman who felt lost and unidentified, until one day she decided to stop letting other people define her soul, her life, and her heart.

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