Episode 1: First Drafts Are Important (Welcome To The Heart, Maggie Ann Podcast)

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Episode 1 is the Introduction Episode. The Heart, Maggie Ann Podcast is a podcast for those who love looking at the world from the perspective of a writer — with imagination, analyzation, spirituality, the fundamentals of a good book, etc.

Promise to my audience: I can’t tell you what the next episode will be about, or if it’ll be just me or if there will be guests, but I can tell you that whatever the topic is, it will be covered with my unique perspective via writing books, life, the world, and spirituality. It will be interesting, and I will do my best not to be surface level. I never want to be the person who tells you to do something/this is how something should be done without giving you a WHY. 

What is MY why? I want to have conversations like this that make you think and see the world through an entirely different lens. I want to create a community around people who enjoy thinking and writing and reading, and aren’t afraid to be honest. I want a place to talk about the things that light me up and fuel my passion and speak my sort of weird mind out loud. I want to create a place that is safe to do so, not just for me, but for you as well, because in every day life that isn’t available. 

Core Belief: The world’s history is told in story. A book does not just tell a plot, it give you a visual snapshot of the world how it actually is today. It carries as much truth inside of it as a history book, but under the veil of fiction. A book can change the world simply be revealing the truth, and as writers, it is our duty to human kind to do the same for this time as others did before us. Hold a mirror up to the world.

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