Once you’ve conquered one fear, you can conquer them all.

The “For The Creative Hearts” Podcast is for the creative souls with hearts that feel everything so deeply. The painters who have never shown their art to another soul. The writers whose words remain hidden in journals. The makers who know this could be so much more than a hobby. The free spirits with dreams so big it sort of terrifies them.

You have passion, creativity, and dreams in your heart that most people wouldn’t think possible; but inside the depths of your soul, you know you are meant to be doing so much more with them than you are.

But then the fear comes up. Then the expectations from your family, friends, job, society (the list goes on) remind you how hard it will be. Some days it feels like the whole world is telling you “why bother?”

But you have a choice. Listen to them and remain exactly where you are, or smile daringly and step onto your own path in life.

This podcast is for you if you’re ready to take that step, conquer the fears that are holding you back, and hang out with other artists who believe in the possibility of your dreams.

Coming in 2020